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 Since 2014, residents of Beni in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have lived under unexplained vicious attacks. Houses have been burned down, hundreds of civilians have been killed and the bodies of young children and women have been mutilated by armed groups. Yet there’s no global outrage about this tragedy.

Add your voice now, to end these killings.

So far, at least 682 have been killed in Beni under the nose of the DRC’s army, the Armed Forces of the DRC (FARDC) as well as UN forces in the region.

Reports from the UN Group of Experts have pointed to a complex situation with multiple perpetrators and accomplices. These reports have also alleged the involvement of some FARDC soldiers in the killings.

Despite multiple attacks, the Congolese government has—appallingly—not yet conducted an independent investigation to find ways to protect civilians and provided justice to victims.

The people of Beni live under constant fear - fear of an attack, fear of speaking out on what they have witnessed and fear of reprisals if they denounce those suspected of the killings or their accomplices.

Please call on the Government of the DRC and the UN to take all steps necessary to protect civilians in Beni and bring justice to victims.

Let’s make sure that the world finally starts to pay attention to this tragedy.